Fabrication process

We offer a wide variety of fabrication process and different types of fabric including preshrink cotton and enzyme wash fabrics.

fabrication process

Fabrication Process

Fashion is not about what you wear, it’s about how the fabric is made!

The uniquely Fabrication Process involves structuring the whole Fabric processing to make clothes soft and comfortable according to the industry standards. The process includes washing the fabric with a specific chemical & a specific environment to garner its full potential without compromising on its reliability.

At Apparels Kingdom we understand your need for better fabric therefore we offer a wide range of fabric processing solutions to cater to all your fabric needs.Our aim is to deliver tremendous options in this range & offer multiple types of washing in small ordering quantity starting from 50 meters. We provide options in acid washing, Enzyme Washing & Burnout processes. We also offer options such as Silicone Washing, Bio Washing & preshrunk Washing.What’s your next fashion line going to be like? Get in touch & bring our ideas to life.



Preshrunk Wash

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You just washed a piece of fabric & it shrunken, isn’t that annoying? Well, that happens because fabrics are knitted or woven in such a way that there is a space in between their threads & when they are washed the space reduces.

Apparels Kingdom helps you avoid just that! With our service of washing the fabric in such a way that it is preshrunk. We wash the garment in such a way that it becomes more tightly gripped and doesn’t shrink when it comes in contact with cold or hot water.

Explore a range of options of preshrunk cotton, preshrunk white t-shirts, cotton fabrics & ring-spun cotton.

silicone wash


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Add more softness, more life & more style to your garments through Silicon Washing. Silicon Washing is a process that also plays a vital role in pre-shrunk washing & binds the fabric more tightly.

Present your client with the softest fabric that is comfortable & reliable. Silicon Washing is a process that garners comfort, style & softness while ensuring that the fabric remains the same even after many washes.


Bio Wash

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Apparels Kingdom offers the option to bio-wash & process your fabric in such a way that makes it more soft & shiny. The clients based in Canada mainly suggested the Apparel Kingdom for fast and effective results for their bio-wash products orders regardless of the volume.

Bio Washing is a process that involves processing the fabric in such a way that it preserves the colour, makes the fabric softer & adds extra shine to your fabric. Bio Washing is a great substitute for detergents that are full of harmful chemicals


Enzyme Wash

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The Enzyme Wash process ensures that the fabric looks attractive, even on linen fabric. Moreover, it increases color fastness & rubbing fastness.

The enzyme wash process has an anti-pilling property that enables the garment to become smother & gain maximum attractiveness. Looking for an Enzyme Washed fabric that looks premium? We have the solution for you!


Acid Wash

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From Jeans to shirts, from denim to shorts, from legging to sweatpants, we can Acid wash it all!

Acid Wash is a safe process that makes your fabric outshine the rest & create fascinating fading effect looks that can rule the fashions forums. At Apparels kingdom our processes have been engineered in such a way that it gives you the fading effect you’re looking for. Acid Washing is also known as stone washing involves a process that makes tough fabrics like denim or twill much lighter.


Burn Out Process

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Every burn is a new turn at Apparels kingdom!

Our Burn Out process involves a technique that makes the fabric look burned while retaining its quality & durability. We consider your fabrics as an empty canvas & ensure that the artwork it becomes is unique & trendier.

Burn Out process work best for those who express their creativity through their fashion & wants to stands out from the crowd. This process helps our customers get a burned yet vintage look on their apparel.

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