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Fabric Factory

Fabric selection is an essential process of your garment making. Firstly at our fabric factory, following your demands we put out the best of our fabric options for you to choose from, whether, you call for custom printed fabric, quilt fabric, etc. Because as fabric manufacturers, we understand that it is the primary interest that could result in a premium quality product ensuring wearability and durability of the fabric giving it perfect fit for any style and appearance. 

We have all the availability of the fabric pattern or colours for your garment design that you might find difficult to search for at your nearest fabric factory. Essentially, we offer the most reasonable costing that gives you a competitive advantage in the market. 

The client diaries from Virginia, and the UK, USA have been appreciating our manufacturing and sourcing of fabric in any kind of match, quality, and design. We constantly shine to make it more time and cost-effective for your clothing brand. 

Apparels kingdom manufactures fabric, stocks vintage, modern, trending pieces for your fabric selection. We have a dedicated team available for your consultancy. Ultimately you can get in touch for any volume of the order, no matter how small or big the order is or the customised options demands you have, we cater to all. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!



Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric

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At Apparel kingdom, we offer many casual jersey fabrics, whether you are looking for cotton spandex jersey knit fabric or 100% organic cotton jersey. By the dictionary, this commonly used fabric is usually referred to as knitted fabric. Being at use in making of the t-shirt, beautiful women tops, men clothing t-shirts or any fit. 
We guarantee 100% organic cotton jersey fabric. Additionally, we also offer a high-quality range of jerseys such as mesh jersey fabric, cotton spandex jersey, organic cotton jersey, and silk jersey. 
We proudly manufacture with wholesale price and stock. Besides the numerous options, we also provide printed jersey knit and stretch jersey knit striving for the perfect balance for your fabric selection. We got our experienced hands in other types of jersey fabrics too. Likewise, Ribbed jersey, printed floral jersey, and even double jersey fabric.
Embark your establishment from our extensive range of jersey fabrics available. We believe in our customer satisfaction that is jersey fabric samples are always provided to our valuable customers for custom or wholesale purchases. 
The fundamental process of fabric selection is an essential part of your clothing manufacturer. Due to this, we have efficient sourcing available to provide our clients based anywhere from London to UK, USA and worldwide. All you have to do is, check with our experienced consultancy team so that we can work to make you a success!
Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric


Denim Fabric

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Denim is one of the most iconic fabrics in the world. Particularly stretch denim fabric seems to set the standard at rising due to its demand. Therefore when it comes to denim, we are on the top of the game. 
Furthermore, Our stretch denim fabric delivers comfort and softness as it is fabricated with an extreme labour extensive process which enables a premium quality product as no other can provide.  
Importantly we offer a wide range of solutions to fit any of your requirements. For instance: Red denim, Pink denim, or printed denim. Oh yes, We did not forget everyone’s favourite white denim. Our product range is just getting bigger as selvedge denim, printed floral denim, cotton spandex denim is being added too. Which gives you the beauty in the selection and adds quality stretch to denim fabric as spandex yarn is mostly used. 
If we talk about denim jegging, we would recommend our denim jegging fabric as it is soft and stretchable which makes it a perfect fit going through our denim fabric swatch you will find light blue stretch denim fabric was mainly manufactured for our top clients based in Australia and UK. We also offer all sorts of design, colour, and style as per your customisation needed giving it a total personalised look.
We are focused on our imperatives to your standard and diversification in our product line. Moreover, we cater to every small need for your order. Starting from the weight of the fabric. Such as 11 oz denim or 14 oz denim perfect for jeans. We provide 5 oz to 35 oz denim fabric at the best cost possible so that your growth will be our ultimate satisfaction.
Denim Fabric


Fleece Fabric

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Evolving since the 1970’s microfleece fabric is the most rated fabric on the list. Which is the most flexible and thinnest of the fleece thickness. Whenever you will hand-check our product, that first warm hoodie fits you just perfectly with the quality stitching sliding our best of the microfleece fabric that is used in manufacturing. We call it just – WOW EXPERIENCE.  
In general, we stream fabric for sweatshirts, t-shirts coats. Additionally, we have a number of options for you to opt from. For starters, we have coloured fleece fabric such as pink, purple, tie dye.
Fleece fabric

Sports fabric

Sports Farbic


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Sports fabrics are technical material yet the right attire keep the wearer comfortable even wearing our sports mesh fabric. Because we understand both – comfort and the mode of the sports is the soul of the sports.
Our Sports theme fabric is mindfully designed especially for any activity depending on the intensity of it. For example, yoga clothing needs to be breathable with good stretch for easy movement. Hence we corely understand this vital fundamental and the fabric is knitted accordingly to each need of our customer.
Moving with sports theme fabric, active fleece, which is constructed at Apparels Kingdom could keep the wearer in good comfort as it has excellent moisture wicking properties to enable sweat to transfer from inside to the outside for the garment. The same goes for other sports fabrics whether it’s mesh or net used in sports performance. Although in technical sports fabric, our nylon and knit fabric are quite popular in Canadian and Australian markets. 
We are also aiming to supply our clients with wholesale sports fabric at economical prices in the market.

Premium Fabric

Premium Fabric

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Premium is what the world carves & we are here to give the world just that. Here at the Apparel Kingdom, we offer premium fabrics that not only bring your design to life but make sure that whoever wears it, looks stunning! It is a high-quality fabric with heavier cloth which is about twice the yarn than Classic fabric. You know the best part, we promise you the guaranteed sourcing of any premium fabric you put on the table. So let’s just get started.
Choose from a wide range of fabrics that include silk, Leather & much more. Unleash your creativity & see it come to life with our range of premium fabrics.
Premium Fabric

Hosiery Fabric

Hosiery Fabric

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We offer customization like no other. 

In either case, we love to take you from the overall process.


Hosiery Fabric

Twill fabric

Twill Fabric

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The evergreen venerable fabric – Twill is without a doubt very durable, especially our cotton twill fabric. It is exclusively popular among the twill’s family, due to its breathable and most comfortable material. Since our twill fabric’s family is at the introduction. Let us tell you more about the type of twill fabrics that are heavenly made for your brand. 

Firstly, stretch twill. It is manufactured using spandex yarn that allows the most stretchable material for the garments. It is mostly used in jeans and chinos designed with the convenience of the style, colour and vintage mode of vibe. Secondly, Polyester twill is a synthetic fabric being most popular in textiles. We have been manufacturing aprons for different professions for our clients based in UK and Canada using polyester twill and cotton twill fabric. They mainly appreciate our efficiency in delivering the promise on quality. 

Furthermore, we also have white, black, brown cotton twill produced using 100% organic cotton. We would love to experience more colour ranges or customisation options that will give unlimited options to play with and stand out in the market with a cost-effective budget according to your requirements.

Twill Fabric

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