What are our Minimum order quantities?

Our minimum order quantity is as less as 50 units! 

How long process takes from ordering to delivery?

We have a quick turnover time. it takes 9-10 business working days for small orders and 20-22 business working days for large orders. 

Delivery to USA takes 3-4 business working days. 

How much sampling costs?

Sampling cost depends on each apparel differently. For more please contact here

What are my fabric options to select from?

We carry a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, jersey, denim, hosiery, twill and, rayon.

If you are looking for a fabric that is not available in our library, we can source the fabric for you. We can also manufacture fabric for you.

For more information and options please visit our fabric factory page

Do you offer Custom Packaging?

Yes, our company offers the possibility to have your own customized hardware, tags, labels, tapes, garment accessories, and packaging to create a fully branded product.

We also provide premium packaging for luxury clothing products.

For more information, please visit here

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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