Customization is what freedom stands for & that’s what we believe in.

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Our process

Turning your idea to life:   Designing prototype   –   sample production  –   quality control   –   Manufacturing small to a larger quantity to your need.


Customisation is what freedom stands for & that’s what we believe in. When it comes to custom embroidery, we always strive to go the extra mile & deliver the best possible result. Over the years custom embroidery has evolved from being a form of fashion to a form of expression.

At the Apparels Kingdom, you have the freedom to explore a range of options from but not limited to custom denim embroidery, embroidered t-shirts, chef’s apron & much more! When it comes to custom embroidery, Customisation believes it has the best grip.

Our customisation options make you unique and help you make an unforgettable mark in other products such as Polo T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. Imagine your company logo smoothly embroidered on a T-shirt, or your signature design on a fabric, we can help you get the best possible result. We have made our mark through embroidery globally & nationally.

We have proudly served clients from New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Oakland, Sacramento, Nebraska, Charlottesville va & even UK.

Flat Embroidery

Flat Embroidery

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 A method to put your designs on your garments. Flat Embroidery involves a process that applies a decorative stitch directly to the fabric that resulting in a seamless flat design. With our state-of-the-art machinery & methods, we aim to deliver the best possible result when it comes to embroidery.

At the Apparels Kingdom, we don’t just offer a service, we offer freedom to design your garments just the way you want. Have an idea? Share it with us, we’ll bring it to life! Flat Embroidery also enables our customers to create a seamless 3D embroidered design that not only looks ravishing but also feels premium. Our Flat Embroidery services deliver the best in places like Albany, Maryland, Mesa az, Raleigh NC, San Jose ca, Brooklyn NY & world wide.

3D Embroidery 

3D Embroidery

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Your ideas are worth everything to us! We at Apparels Kingdom offer a wide range of options to make your design more noticeable. Your search for an embroidery option that makes your design come to life in a 3D form is over!

Since Embroidery is an evergreen art. While choosing a technique that would give your product a more prominent 3D effect. Therefore we recommend opting for our raised or 3D embroidery that starts with the process of attaching the puff to the subject and intact embroidery stitching that gives you a beautiful design on your hoodies, sweatshirts, or any required fabric. 

The process of 3D Embroidery involves giving the design a distinct feel while ensuring that every thread is crafted for perfection. 3D embroidery is the best option to emboss your mark on heavy fabrics.




Embroidery Patches


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A fast and easy way to beautifully craft custom embroidery patches. Custom-made embroidery patches are easy to stitch & offer the best result.

When it comes to embroidery patches we have different methods, from adhesive to stitched embroidery patches, we have it all! 

Women Special Pattern

Women Special Patterns

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We offer customization like no other. Hence understanding your production needs based on design quality and complexity is influential. Among the formal dress patterns for flared dress or jumpsuit, woman tailoring demands special patterns. In either case, we love to take you from the overall process.


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